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Live SSTV cam from OZ1KXD      
SSTV software

MMSSTV software description:
To the wonderful world of Slow Scan Television (SSTV).
SSTV is a very fun and exciting mode to send and receive images using your computer,
a keying circuit and your ham radio whether it's vhf or hf.
Over the years sstv has grown in popularly and the software/hardware used to send
and receive pictures with amateur radio has come a long ways as well.
MMSSTV has many features not found in other sstv programs
and the best part about MMSSTV is that it is free.

<IMG SRC= Download MMSSTV 1.11G here

Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) software description:
Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of free Windows programs providing
computer control for commonly used transceivers and receivers.
HRD also includes mapping, satellite tracking and the digital mode program
Digital Master 780 (DM780). Digital Master 780 is a modern multi-mode program
which uses Ham Radio Deluxe for radio control.
Digital Master 780 is shipped with HRD v4.0 and higher.

<IMG SRC= For download go to the Ham Radio Deluxe website, to get the latest version.

KE5RS FTP Widget software description:
The FTP Widget program was created for automatically posting received images
from any SSTV software to a web page or remote host like
It works very much like a web cam but sends the actual picture received
rather than a screen shot or video capture image.

<IMG SRC= For download go to KE5RS FTP Widget website, to get the latest version..